How to become a graffiti artist?

How to become a graffiti artist?

Nowadays graffiti is quite popular form of art. It is also considered to be very modern and cool; so many people are willing to become graffiti artists. Just like in any other type of art, also in graffiti there is talent needed. That is something one either have or don’t. However, it also takes some skills and it is something that can be learned. Follow these steps to become a graffiti artist.

You won’t be able to make real graffiti’s without trainings. Every good graffiti artist is a good drawer, so stat with making your black book. That means making sketches. If you are not so great at drawing, start with simple lines, letters and forms and gradually draw complicated figures. Use all kind of markers and pencils. Create your technique and style on paper, before going into the streets.

When you run out of ideas, look for some inspiration. Look at the pictures in the internet and real artworks in the streets. Also it would be great if you communicate with some graffiti artists with experience. Educate yourself to improve your drawing skills and supplement your black book. At the beginning it is also fine to copy some artworks, if the cause is only training.

When you have become a good graffiti drawer, you must learn everything about spray paints and flat markers. The supply of them is huge. There are simple spray paints you can buy at any building materials shop, but there are also spry paints and markers that are specially designed for graffiti art. There are also different can tips with which you can control the thickness of lines and also give some effects or texture to your artwork. You must learn what kinds of paints are appropriate for each surface and what tips you must use in each case.

When you have mastered the theoretical part, you must learn how to actually use these instruments. Find some background and do some simple tags or throw ups. Better don’t train in public places, because your first works probably won’t be so great. Don’t worry if you are not so good at controlling the spray can. It takes some time to get used to these instruments.

When you have learned the basics, you can try to find some ways how to consummate your skills. The best graffiti artists sometimes offer some courses and experience exchanges to the new artists. If you can find any of those, than use the chance. Also it is possible to learn something from YouTube videos and other theoretical materials.

One you have become a good graffiti artist, you must find some places where to paint and show your kills to other artists and people. Remember that drawing graffiti in public places without permeation is illegal, so you must look for legal options. There are some graffiti competitions and also projects, where graffiti artists can paint without any accusations.