Simple Ways to Save Money

Simple Ways to Save Money

The world is changing fast, and everyone wants to have everything in the superlative – the fastest car, the classiest shoes, the most sophisticated gadgets, etc. The line between needs and wants are getting even thinner and pretty much erased, even. It makes one wonder, “how on earth can I save?”

If the economy isn’t getting any better and manufacturers and marketers are still fighting a guerilla war for our money and attention, it can’t be possible to save until we start earning in six figures, right?


In fact, the hardest part about saving money is starting in the first place (encuentra más información aquí).

You see that pink piggy bank in your daughter’s room? It is proof enough that you don’t need to earn so much to save. You don’t even need to draw up a complex plan. All you need is the discipline and correct information.

The discipline part, you’d have to do yourself but as for the correct information? That’s why we are here.

Our article today will show you simple steps to help you save more so you can achieve some of your financial goals. Here we go…

1. Spend time with your money: This is what we mean. Set aside a day in the week (or one day every month) when you sit down with your money and do some tracking. You can call it your money date. During this date, you should review your budget and update it, if necessary, and also check out how far you’ve gone with your financial goals as well.

2. Plan your meals: it’s not only good for your health, it’s good for your wealth. Eating out is one of the biggest ways you eat into your income every month. By planning your meals per week, you can go to grocery store during the weekend, stock up for the week and avoid eating out. This way, you also avoid taxes, tips, and calories.

3. Try the 48 hour rule: Boy, has ecommerce drained a lot of people’s monies! The ability to buy whatever we need at the click of a button hasn’t proved to work for mankind at all. One, we are getting more sedentary. Two, we are spending more. To curb this “spending demon”, a good trick can be to wait for 48 hours before clicking “buy” on ecommerce platforms. Give yourself time to be sure if what you’re getting is a need or a want.

4. DIY Health and Beauty Treatments: Ladies, you can save those monies you lay weekly at the feet of the spa by trying DIY. There are lots of blogs – not to mention Pinterest – that are packed full with useful information on how you can use items in your kitchen to create a potent beauty treatment. Thank us later (afeitadora corporal).

5. Read books: This is, perhaps, our best advice. We can’t give you every single tip you need to save better in one post. Plus, saving is not everything there is to being financially successful. But if you commit to reading and broadening your knowledge about how money works, you’ll soon be as financially free as you want.

Have we been a big help? We are glad.

To your success!

Why people are starting to accept graffiti art?

Why people are starting to accept graffiti art?

Just few decades ago graffiti was considered as nothing but vandalism. Graffiti were painted on urban infrastructure, transportation and buildings. They were not supposed to be there, and owners of these objects regularly had to scrub them off or paint over them. Those were unnecessary expenditures beside most of graffiti works were very simple and plain, so people were fed up with these activities. Society didn’t accept it and definitely didn’t see anything even close to real art in graffiti. Municipalities had to find some ways how to ban it. There were police running after these vandals and many restrictions made to totally eliminate graffiti.

Nowadays, however, people are starting to accept graffiti. It is not only hobby of some youngsters from ghettos, but kind of art. Some graffiti artists get paid for their works, there are many projects that allow graffiti to be painted on urban objects and even some art galleries and art museums buy some artworks. So what influenced these changes in people’s attitude toward graffiti?

First of all, graffiti itself has developed. Instead of simple tagging and ugly throw ups, graffiti artists actually dedicated some time to work on their art. It almost became competition between all the artists. It was not all about finding the best place for graffiti anymore, but about creativity, skills and talent. Graffiti really became visually attractive. It has become a part of street art and most of the people actually like graffiti. However there still is lot of graffiti painters whose work is far from art.

Next condition that influences people’s attitude is the fact that graffiti can’t be called new form of art anymore. Graffiti has been created since early 70s so it been almost 50 years we know this type of art. People just have got used to it. Although it can’t be compared to types of art we know for thousands of years, it is still something we all know, so we can objectively evaluate either we like it or not, instead of criticizing it, because that is the reaction of society together.

Also society itself has become a lot more opened to new types of arts. Nowadays modern arts include weird sculptures and very odd paintings, created using all kinds of crazy methods, but people still consider it art. Modern art museums are full of artworks that cause lot more discussions than graffiti art. Graffiti is nothing controversial comparing to that.

Of course, people still hate tags and throw ups that look ugly and inappropriate, but they have different opinion about graffiti pieces – complicated and good looking art works. Even if they are painted illegally on some infrastructure objects, most of the people love them and consider as improvement rather than damage. However, it still doesn’t mean that you should go into the streets and paint graffiti. It is still illegal.

World’s most famous graffiti artists

World’s most famous graffiti artists

Just like in any other type of art, also in graffiti there are some artists that are on the top level. Maybe they are not as popular as representatives of other fine arts, but their work still is meaningful. They have become famous either because of their artistic skills or courage and daring, but they have earned some respect from other artists and supporters of the graffiti art. But know that graffiti is not cheap and you will most likely need money to get you trough te day.

Horfe has gained some respect because of his unique style and technique. You can mostly find his artworks in Paris, France. His artworks can’t be mix up with any others. They are very detailed and inspired form old school style cartoons. They really look like modern art paintings that can be found is museums not simple graffiti art. That is why also some respected artists have admitted Horfes’ art.

Claw Money or simply Claw is a graffiti artist from New York, USA. She began her career as a graffiti artist in late 80s. At that time she only painted her logo all around New York City. That is how she became famous. She worked on her style and technique and now she even owns fashion label – Claw & Company. Even some world famous celebrities such as Kanye West and Rihanna have worn clothes from her company.

Blade is another graffiti artist from New York. He is considered to be one of the pioneers. He started painting in 1972 and since that time he has painted more than 5 000 pieces. Most of his artworks were made on trains and subways. He was a real graffiti artist in its true sense. His paintings were made illegally, but people loved them. They were creative and for that time innovative. Some of his artworks can be found in museums today. He is called the King of New York, to show respect to his pieces.

Lee Quinones also is from New York. Some other graffiti artists and graffiti enthusiasts call him the most inspiring graffiti artist from all times. His pieces were not only technically complicated, innovative and beautiful, but also they brought some political messages. That is why he was controversial artist that some parts of society didn’t accept. Also his art was illegal, because he mostly used trains as the background.

Seen also comes from New York. He is called the Godfather of Graffiti. He is not the pioneer, but he was one of the firsts and has been involved in this subculture for very long time and even is partly active nowadays. For more than 40 years he painted graffiti in the streets of New York. He also gas created some canvas and sculptures. Although his activities were illegal beck in the days, now he is considered as true artist.

Dondi is also into graffiti almost since its beginnings. His artworks mostly can be found in New York. He mostly painted on trains and into subways. What make him so special is the messages he tried to spread and also the complicated techniques. His works were very noticeable and he even created some art work series. The most famous one was The Children of the Grave, which made him famous and respected.

Risks from becoming a graffiti artist

Risks from becoming a graffiti artist

Although graffiti is very interesting and unique type of art, there are some reasons why it is not meant for anyone. It is risky, dangerous and inefficient from many perspectives and even if you are true graffiti enthusiast, you should consider if it’s worth it to start painting and become a graffiti artist.

First of all graffiti is very unprofitable type of art. You won’t make much money with it and there won’t be any time for other jobs. One graffiti piece can take more than a week to be finished. Most of the graffiti artists don’t have real jobs and they only make money from some irregular contract jobs. You cannot be a real full time graffiti artist if you have a job or other obligations. So choose, what are your life goals and is it worth to dedicate your life to art, even if it’s very unprofitable.

Of course, graffiti is also illegal and this kind of activities can end up with an arrest. Although there are ways how to do it legally, you must prove yourself and get some popularity among other artists and graffiti enthusiasts. No one will be interested in your work if they won’t even know who you are and how your art looks like. So you must start with illegal painting and that is very risky. If you will get caught more times, you can even go to jail. There really are some graffiti artists that have been arrested and put into jail because of their actions.

To prove your ability it is also necessary to risk with your life and paint in some dangerous places. There is even special term – Heaven Spot. That means graffiti made in place which is really hard to reach or with is dangerous to access. If you want to become great, not only average artist, you must risk and that is not worth it.

Even if you could find some ways how to paint fully safe and legally and earn great money with that, unfortunately graffiti art is very bad for artists’ health. The spray paint is poison and artists inhale huge amounts of this paint. It can cause serious damages of brain, kidneys and nerve system. Even if you use respirator and other protectors, some of the paint will get into your lungs. It is even more dangerous than smoking.

So when you know the risks and disadvantages of this art, you can objectively evaluate if it’s worth it or not. Don’t do something just because it is cool. If you are sure you will become a great artist without major risks, you can go for it, but otherwise choose some better ways how to express your creativity and talent.

How to become a graffiti artist?

How to become a graffiti artist?

Nowadays graffiti is quite popular form of art. It is also considered to be very modern and cool; so many people are willing to become graffiti artists. Just like in any other type of art, also in graffiti there is talent needed. That is something one either have or don’t. However, it also takes some skills and it is something that can be learned. Follow these steps to become a graffiti artist.

You won’t be able to make real graffiti’s without trainings. Every good graffiti artist is a good drawer, so stat with making your black book. That means making sketches. If you are not so great at drawing, start with simple lines, letters and forms and gradually draw complicated figures. Use all kind of markers and pencils. Create your technique and style on paper, before going into the streets.

When you run out of ideas, look for some inspiration. Look at the pictures in the internet and real artworks in the streets. Also it would be great if you communicate with some graffiti artists with experience. Educate yourself to improve your drawing skills and supplement your black book. At the beginning it is also fine to copy some artworks, if the cause is only training.

When you have become a good graffiti drawer, you must learn everything about spray paints and flat markers. The supply of them is huge. There are simple spray paints you can buy at any building materials shop, but there are also spry paints and markers that are specially designed for graffiti art. There are also different can tips with which you can control the thickness of lines and also give some effects or texture to your artwork. You must learn what kinds of paints are appropriate for each surface and what tips you must use in each case.

When you have mastered the theoretical part, you must learn how to actually use these instruments. Find some background and do some simple tags or throw ups. Better don’t train in public places, because your first works probably won’t be so great. Don’t worry if you are not so good at controlling the spray can. It takes some time to get used to these instruments.

When you have learned the basics, you can try to find some ways how to consummate your skills. The best graffiti artists sometimes offer some courses and experience exchanges to the new artists. If you can find any of those, than use the chance. Also it is possible to learn something from YouTube videos and other theoretical materials.

One you have become a good graffiti artist, you must find some places where to paint and show your kills to other artists and people. Remember that drawing graffiti in public places without permeation is illegal, so you must look for legal options. There are some graffiti competitions and also projects, where graffiti artists can paint without any accusations.

Graffiti Terms

Graffiti Terms

If you want to become a graffiti artist or if you are just interested in this type of art, there are some terms you should know. Graffiti is a subculture, so there is some specific language used. The list of terms and phrases are almost infinite. They mostly describe styles, techniques, artists, backgrounds, forms and other aspects of graffiti. If you are not already familiar with graffiti subculture, you probably won’t learn them all, but there are some that are widely used.

Heaven Spot stands for a graffiti that is painted on dangerous and hardly assessable place. Those are such places as roof tops, high road signs, bridge construction parts etc. It is a challenge for a graffiti artist to get there and paint, but it is even harder to remove them. Usually these kinds of graffiti’s and their authors are highly respected, because it takes some skills to paint in such conditions and in some cases artists even risk with their lives.

Piece is widely used term that actually is a shorten form of masterpiece. With this term only very large, complicated and beautiful graffiti artworks are described. There are even some conditions set for a graffiti to be called piece. For example, there must be at least three colors used and there must be complicated shadows or other effects.

Throw up is simple graffiti, that doesn’t take much skills, time and talent to be painted. Usually there is one or two colors used in one layer and graffiti is written with simple bubble letters. There are no shadows or effects used. It is most common way of graffiti, but most of them are not too pleasant for the eye.

Tag is opposite to piece. It is the simplest form of graffiti. It is written either with spray paint or flat marker. There is only one color used in them. Usually it is a signature of a graffiti artist so they are put on the top or bottom of the real artworks; however they are also used as separate paintings. They are widely used to mark a territory. Tags alone are not considered real art.

Stencil is a bit different form of graffiti. There are stencils used made by the graffiti artist. The painting itself is very simple – just put the stencil on the wall and spry the paint, but the main work is to make the stencil. Just like tags, they are used for marking the territory or as a signature.

King is the term that refers to greatest graffiti artists. Nowadays there is also term Queen used to describe best women graffiti artists. This title is given by other artists, but some are self-proclaimed kings. In that case they sometimes put crowns on top of their tags. If other artists disagree with him and decide that he doesn’t deserve to be called King, they cross out the crowns. If real King passes away, he can become an Angel – respected graffiti artist who has passed away.

Piece book or black book is paper block of sketches. It is meant for training and making sketches for future graffiti artworks. That is how graffiti artists collect their ideas and develop perfect style. Some artists are drawing only sketches, without realizing them. They are not considered to be real graffiti artists.