Simple Ways to Save Money

Simple Ways to Save Money

The world is changing fast, and everyone wants to have everything in the superlative – the fastest car, the classiest shoes, the most sophisticated gadgets, etc. The line between needs and wants are getting even thinner and pretty much erased, even. It makes one wonder, “how on earth can I save?”

If the economy isn’t getting any better and manufacturers and marketers are still fighting a guerilla war for our money and attention, it can’t be possible to save until we start earning in six figures, right?


In fact, the hardest part about saving money is starting in the first place (encuentra más información aquí).

You see that pink piggy bank in your daughter’s room? It is proof enough that you don’t need to earn so much to save. You don’t even need to draw up a complex plan. All you need is the discipline and correct information.

The discipline part, you’d have to do yourself but as for the correct information? That’s why we are here.

Our article today will show you simple steps to help you save more so you can achieve some of your financial goals. Here we go…

1. Spend time with your money: This is what we mean. Set aside a day in the week (or one day every month) when you sit down with your money and do some tracking. You can call it your money date. During this date, you should review your budget and update it, if necessary, and also check out how far you’ve gone with your financial goals as well.

2. Plan your meals: it’s not only good for your health, it’s good for your wealth. Eating out is one of the biggest ways you eat into your income every month. By planning your meals per week, you can go to grocery store during the weekend, stock up for the week and avoid eating out. This way, you also avoid taxes, tips, and calories.

3. Try the 48 hour rule: Boy, has ecommerce drained a lot of people’s monies! The ability to buy whatever we need at the click of a button hasn’t proved to work for mankind at all. One, we are getting more sedentary. Two, we are spending more. To curb this “spending demon”, a good trick can be to wait for 48 hours before clicking “buy” on ecommerce platforms. Give yourself time to be sure if what you’re getting is a need or a want.

4. DIY Health and Beauty Treatments: Ladies, you can save those monies you lay weekly at the feet of the spa by trying DIY. There are lots of blogs – not to mention Pinterest – that are packed full with useful information on how you can use items in your kitchen to create a potent beauty treatment. Thank us later (afeitadora corporal).

5. Read books: This is, perhaps, our best advice. We can’t give you every single tip you need to save better in one post. Plus, saving is not everything there is to being financially successful. But if you commit to reading and broadening your knowledge about how money works, you’ll soon be as financially free as you want.

Have we been a big help? We are glad.

To your success!