Graffiti techniques

Graffiti techniques

Most of the people think that only instruments for graffiti artists are spray-paint and permanent, but actually there are various materials used to make graffiti artworks. Graffiti is very creative and innovative art. There are several techniques that are commonly used and also some unique author techniques.

The basic technique is spray-painting on any hard surface, usually brick, stone, glass, metal etc. This technique might seem very simple, because all artist has to do is to push the tip and move the can, but actually it takes a lot of knowledge to make an artwork in this technique. Artist has to be aware of many details such as what paint and tips to choose, how to hold the can, how hard to push the tip, how fast to move the can etc. All these aspects affect the look of artwork, so this is one of the hardest graffiti techniques.

The other quite common technique is usage of permanent felt-tipped markers. They can be used together with spray paint, for example to make contours, but it is widely use also as separate material. The graffiti made with felt-tipped markers usually are used for smaller and less expressive artworks. To make graffiti in this technique is a lot easier, because markers are lot more simple, however, artist still needs to know what type of markers exactly he needs and how to control it to make lines in needed thickness.

Also stencil graffiti is very popular form of this art. There is also spray-paint or sometimes roll-on paint used to make stencil graffiti artworks, be the main difference is the there is stencil used. Artist first needs to use this stencil out of paper or cardboard. Later the art work is made by putting the stencil on surface and spaying or rolling the paint over it. Some artworks made in this technique are complicated, because there are more than one stencil and color used. In stencil graffiti exactly the creation of the stencil is the hardest part.

The less common technique is scribbling. That means some kind of scribble is used to make artwork on softer surface, usually glass or wood. As a scribble, can be used almost anything – knife, needle, picker etc. It is not hard to make small and simple graffiti in with this method, but it takes some skills to create real artwork. Usually this technique is considered more as simple vandalism, not art, because it is very unusual to see qualitative scribbled graffiti that are eye catching.

Of course, also other techniques can be used. Even regular paint or markers can be a material for graffiti art, but it is a lot easier to create a beautiful artwork with traditional graffiti materials and instruments.