World’s most famous graffiti artists

World’s most famous graffiti artists

Just like in any other type of art, also in graffiti there are some artists that are on the top level. Maybe they are not as popular as representatives of other fine arts, but their work still is meaningful. They have become famous either because of their artistic skills or courage and daring, but they have earned some respect from other artists and supporters of the graffiti art. But know that graffiti is not cheap and you will most likely need money to get you trough te day.

Horfe has gained some respect because of his unique style and technique. You can mostly find his artworks in Paris, France. His artworks can’t be mix up with any others. They are very detailed and inspired form old school style cartoons. They really look like modern art paintings that can be found is museums not simple graffiti art. That is why also some respected artists have admitted Horfes’ art.

Claw Money or simply Claw is a graffiti artist from New York, USA. She began her career as a graffiti artist in late 80s. At that time she only painted her logo all around New York City. That is how she became famous. She worked on her style and technique and now she even owns fashion label – Claw & Company. Even some world famous celebrities such as Kanye West and Rihanna have worn clothes from her company.

Blade is another graffiti artist from New York. He is considered to be one of the pioneers. He started painting in 1972 and since that time he has painted more than 5 000 pieces. Most of his artworks were made on trains and subways. He was a real graffiti artist in its true sense. His paintings were made illegally, but people loved them. They were creative and for that time innovative. Some of his artworks can be found in museums today. He is called the King of New York, to show respect to his pieces.

Lee Quinones also is from New York. Some other graffiti artists and graffiti enthusiasts call him the most inspiring graffiti artist from all times. His pieces were not only technically complicated, innovative and beautiful, but also they brought some political messages. That is why he was controversial artist that some parts of society didn’t accept. Also his art was illegal, because he mostly used trains as the background.

Seen also comes from New York. He is called the Godfather of Graffiti. He is not the pioneer, but he was one of the firsts and has been involved in this subculture for very long time and even is partly active nowadays. For more than 40 years he painted graffiti in the streets of New York. He also gas created some canvas and sculptures. Although his activities were illegal beck in the days, now he is considered as true artist.

Dondi is also into graffiti almost since its beginnings. His artworks mostly can be found in New York. He mostly painted on trains and into subways. What make him so special is the messages he tried to spread and also the complicated techniques. His works were very noticeable and he even created some art work series. The most famous one was The Children of the Grave, which made him famous and respected.