Risks from becoming a graffiti artist

Risks from becoming a graffiti artist

Although graffiti is very interesting and unique type of art, there are some reasons why it is not meant for anyone. It is risky, dangerous and inefficient from many perspectives and even if you are true graffiti enthusiast, you should consider if it’s worth it to start painting and become a graffiti artist.

First of all graffiti is very unprofitable type of art. You won’t make much money with it and there won’t be any time for other jobs. One graffiti piece can take more than a week to be finished. Most of the graffiti artists don’t have real jobs and they only make money from some irregular contract jobs. You cannot be a real full time graffiti artist if you have a job or other obligations. So choose, what are your life goals and is it worth to dedicate your life to art, even if it’s very unprofitable.

Of course, graffiti is also illegal and this kind of activities can end up with an arrest. Although there are ways how to do it legally, you must prove yourself and get some popularity among other artists and graffiti enthusiasts. No one will be interested in your work if they won’t even know who you are and how your art looks like. So you must start with illegal painting and that is very risky. If you will get caught more times, you can even go to jail. There really are some graffiti artists that have been arrested and put into jail because of their actions.

To prove your ability it is also necessary to risk with your life and paint in some dangerous places. There is even special term – Heaven Spot. That means graffiti made in place which is really hard to reach or with is dangerous to access. If you want to become great, not only average artist, you must risk and that is not worth it.

Even if you could find some ways how to paint fully safe and legally and earn great money with that, unfortunately graffiti art is very bad for artists’ health. The spray paint is poison and artists inhale huge amounts of this paint. It can cause serious damages of brain, kidneys and nerve system. Even if you use respirator and other protectors, some of the paint will get into your lungs. It is even more dangerous than smoking.

So when you know the risks and disadvantages of this art, you can objectively evaluate if it’s worth it or not. Don’t do something just because it is cool. If you are sure you will become a great artist without major risks, you can go for it, but otherwise choose some better ways how to express your creativity and talent.